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Dermal Fillers:

Typically for nose to mouth lines, marionette lines and lip enhancements
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Vistabel, Dysport Typically for frown lines, forehead and crows feet.
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Most courses require between 3 & 5 treatments usually
5-6 weeks apart
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Teeth Whitening

Get the perfect smile Prices from....££
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AH, TCA, Glycolic Acid.
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Skin Peels
What are Skin Peels?
Skin peels benefit the skin in two distinct ways; firstly the dead skin cells are rapidly, effectively and uniformly removed to allow younger fresher looking skin to resurface (think of a better version of exfoliation), and secondly, by prompting toe skin to produce new skin cells to replace the once that have been removed. This reduces the skin's natural renewal cycle, and brings softer, fresher feeling skin to the surface sooner, leaving you with baby-soft skin.
Skin Peels with us
All treatments by our Cosmetic Surgeon with over 35 years of experience Our Surgeon can deliver deeper and more effective skin peels Great for fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation problems and uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin, blemished or scarred skin
What can you treat?
Chemical skin peels help refresh the skin, remove blemishes including pigmented spots, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and even scars. These effective chemical peels can be applied anywhere on the face or the body, and our range of peels means we can tailor the treatment to how you want to look and feel.
Low downtime, great results
Imagine getting the same great looking results as laser skin resurfacing, but being able to get back to normal the very same day. With skin peels, and our treatment regime developed over 20 years, you can feel great and look great, while fitting your treatment into your schedule at your convenience.

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