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Dermal Fillers:

Typically for nose to mouth lines, marionette lines and lip enhancements
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Vistabel, Dysport Typically for frown lines, forehead and crows feet.
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Most courses require between 3 & 5 treatments usually
5-6 weeks apart
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Teeth Whitening

Get the perfect smile Prices from....££
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AH, TCA, Glycolic Acid.
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Dermal Fillers
What are they?
Dermal fillers are a collagen type material made predominately of synthetic hyaloronic acid (which is an injectable form of a naturally occurring product found in the connective tissue of the human skin). The acid, together with collagen, form the fundamental constituents of healthy body tissues.
How do they work?
The fundamental working principle of dermal fillers is that they have a 'plumping' effect. This simply implies that they will plump-up the area which has received the injection, levelling it with other parts of the skin and making it look plumped out, even and no longer sunken. Ultimately, different fillers may achieve this goal in slightly different ways, but the result is that the skin will look plump and firm, young and refreshed.
What areas can I have treated?
The most common use for dermal fillers tends to be for what are termed nasolabial lines (nose to mouth) and lip enhancement. Other contouring and enhancements include, but are not exclusive to, eyebrow reshaping, chin enhancement, cheek sculpting for sunken cheeks, shaping saggy jowls, turning up the mouth corners and nose contouring. Dermal Fillers For lip treatment a local aneathetic is used similar to that at the dentist, this means that the procedure should be virtually painless. In other areas a topical cream is used so that only a slight scratch can be felt.
After the procedure;
There may be some slight discomfort afterwards but this usually resolves after a day or so, any necessary pain relief will be advised if deemed appropriate.
Is it safe?
Yes, only Restylane and Juvederm products are used. Both have FDA approval stateside, two of only a few filler products on the market to do so. The FDA only approves dermal fillers once their effectiveness as an anti-wrinkle and skin restoring treatment is proven through clinical study. Restylane and Juvederm have a long history of clinical safety. In Europe only a CE mark is required, so a wide variety of filler products with no long term clinical safety record, are available.
How will it look?
The great advantage of fillers is that they can give a relatively immediate improvement in the target area. There is likely to be a reddening and possible slight swelling initially, however, this usually subsides after 20-30 minutes and can be masked with concealer. The result can vary but a good result is a real softening off in the treated area, looking smoother and firmer. Touch up treatments can also be applied very easily as well. Comments of not wanting to look like Leslie Ash are very common. This was an entirely different procedure undertaken. In that case Leslie Ash had silicone based injections which are relatively permanent implants, she also had a slight allergic reaction to them. Unfortunately, when silicon is embedded within the lip it can degrade into very fine and numerous pearl like structures that can be very difficult to remove under surgery.
How long will the treatment last?

There are generally three types of filler thickness which are used, the choice of which is dependant on the depth of the line or wrinkle. A thin filler such as juverderm 2 or restylane touch is used to treat very fine lines and/or definition around the lips. As this is a very thin, fluid product it tends have a shorter duration, so typically will last around three or four months. A medium thickness product such as juverderm 3 or restylane, used for slightly deeper lines or small changes in volume or definition will last around six months.For deeper lines and folds a thicker filler product is used, such as Restylane perlane or Juverderm 4, which has the longest lifespan of around nine months. Obviously the products are area specific, so the thick Juvederm 4 cant be used to treat fine lines as it would appear lumpy, and a fine product such as juverderm 2 cant be used to provide volume as it isnt thick enough. It is extremely important it is to remember, however straightforward these procedures may seem to be, they are medical procedures and as such require a thorough pre treatment assessment. This is undertaken by myself at the initial consultation. Whomever is providing treatment, credentials and insurance should always be checked and verified to prove they are qualified to be undertaking these procedures. This is actively encouraged and should be readily available for viewing. Please don't feel embarrassed in asking, its your safety that's important. Corrective treatments are also undertaken if there have been issues or problems from other practitioners and enquiries are always welcomed. Arrangements can be made for any appropriate referrals to respected dermatology consultants if required.

Most popular treatment options

Crow's Feet
Crow's feet are the wrinkles that can form at the corner of the eyes over time as a result of ageing, sun exposure, facial expressions, and smoking. Juvéderm® Ultra quickly restores skin volume and reduce crow's feet, moisturizing internally and helping to aid elasticity and skintone.
Smoker's Lines
Juvéderm® Ultrawill gently smooth away fine facial lines around your mouth and lips for a softer, resilient result and a noticeable diminishment of  lines.
Cupid's Bow
The Cupid’s bow and philtrum (the space from below your nose to your upper lip) are paramount to the lips’ appearance. The Cupid’s bow can lose definition and the philtrum will flatten out over time Juvéderm® Ultra Smile replaces definition and enhances volume for a younger fresher appearance.
Marionette lines
Marionette lines or oral commissures are vertical wrinkles that form below the corners of the mouth, giving a sad or angry look to the face. One treatment with Juvéderm® Ultra, you’ll see a real difference, with a total softening of marionette lines and lines around the lips.
Lip Fullness
Thin lips are a reality for many women…whether they were born that way, or suffering loss of volume due to the ageing process. I can enhance your upper and lower lips with Juvéderm® Ultra Smile adding natural-looking fullness and balance to the body of your lips.
Vermillion Border
Defined vermillion borders give the lips a well-shaped, pleasing contour. But, lips can lose their definition over time Juvéderm® Ultra Smile will restore your definition to the vermillion borders, for a more crisp, well-defined shape and more youthful appearance.
Smile Lines
Smile lines or nasolabial folds are the lines that run vertically from the sides of the nose to the corners of the upper lip. Levels of hyaluronic acid will decline with age, causing obvious moisture loss Juvéderm® Ultra can reduce smile lines around the lips and nose. Contact us at Facial Aestehics to discuss some treatment options for dermal fillers injections if you are considering these. They are an EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE way to REJUVENATE your look. When used in combination with DERMAROLLER, the results are truly remarkable DERMAROLLER stimulates the skin to produce ITS OWN COLLAGEN resulting in a doubly-powerful regime. See Derma Fillers price list

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